Upcoming Performances

Wednesday, September 21st, 1pm EDT: Twang! will improvise music to Veronica Valeri improvising art. Twang! has been looking forward to working w/ this amazing talent for quite some time. It’s online only at: https://twitch.tv/coincidencemachine and/or: https://www.facebook.com/JimiDursoTwang

Saturnday, September 24th, 7pm, Raga Four opens up the season at Braceland Art Gallery, 25 Patchogue Yaphank Rd, East Patchogue. $10 admission.

Saturnday, October 1st, 8pm Coincidence Machine will do their full-out rock&roll set at Bartini Bar, 124 N Carll Ave, Babylon. This is going to be somewhat of a jam, so if you know any Coincidence Machine songs (or arrangements in our songlist) bring an instrument and jam w/ us. No cover.

Saturnday, November 19th, 7pm: Indian classical music returns to Braceland Art Gallery (25 Patchogue Yaphank Rd, East Patchogue) . $10 admission.

Livestreams of performances are often presented on the Twang! page

Very often you can witness performances (or rehearsals) on Twitch.
Typically Coincidence Machine performs @ 4:30pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays
And often on Friday afternoons (2:00ish EDT) Twang! and Eli share their practice of North Indian Classical music. Mondays there is often a jazz jam session 3:45ish.