Upcoming Performances

Friday, December 15th, 7-10pm: Coincidence Machine returns to The Cafe, 780 West Beech St. Long Beach. We will tend towards more rock&roll, but if you want to hear something else from our repertoire, just ask.

Saturnday, Januray 20th, again @ Bartini Bar (124 N Carll Ave, Babylon) Coincidence Machine splitting the bill w/ Dee Harris. I’m excited just about seeing the other act.

Livestreams of performances are often presented on the Twang! page

Very often you can witness performances (or rehearsals) on Twitch.
Typically Coincidence Machine performs @ 4:30pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays
And often on Friday noonish Twang! and Eli share their practice of North Indian Classical music. Mondays there is often a jazz jam session 3:00ish.