Upcoming Performances

July 13th, 2-4pm: multi-instrumentalist multi genre raid train and July 20nd, 2-4pm: Jedi Friends Raid Train on www.twitch.tv/CoincidenceMachine

Saturnday, November 9th, 8pm: Coincidence Machine is back @ Bartini Bar, 124 N. Carll Ave. in Babylon. $5 cover (cheap)

Livestreams of performances are often presented on the Twang! page

Very often you can witness performances (or rehearsals) on Twitch.
Typically Coincidence Machine performs @ 4:00pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays
And often on Friday 12:15ish Twang! and Eli share their practice of North Indian Classical music. Mondays there is often a jazz jam session 3:00ish.