Here’s some things that you might enjoy. Click on title to be directed to purchase site.

“Upside Out” CD
First full length release from my modern rock & roll band Coincidence Machine. Available as CD or mp3 downloads.

“Upside Out” and all it’s songs are also available through iTunes.

The pantheistic jazz groups Piltdown Man’s “Primordial Selections” also available on iTunes.

Ambient Guitar 1
My very Fripp/Eno recording of improvised guitar loops.

Jazz Improvisation: Advice from the Masters
Wisdom from James Moody, Kenny Werner, Lew Tabackin, Todd Coolman, Judi Silvano, Dave Douglas, Hal Galper, Robin Eubanks, Dave Liebman, Steve Coleman, Mark Helias, Jeremy Pelt, Terri Lyne Carrington, Charlie Hunter, Joanne Brackeen, and Dave stryker on learning to improvise and improving your improvisation skills. $12 plus shipping.

Depression-Proof“, the Kindle book on my experience with and defeat of depression.

I also make custom silent subliminal recordings. You send me an mp3 of you speaking affirmations and I make it into a recording that is silent to your conscious mind but audible to your subconscious by modulating the frequency. The advantage of it being in your own voice is that your subconscious will treat the affirmations like they are your own thoughts, turning them into beliefs. And I make these for only 5 bucks each!

And in addition I provide brainwave binaurals. Also 5 bucks. These are recodings you can meditate with that will put your brain in an alpha, theta, or delta state. Find out more by following the link.