Workshops and Lessons

Jimi has been teaching both privately and in class situations for over 20 years. Has helped many with technique, ear-training, music theory, improvisation, and just having fun learning to play. It’s important that you enjoy making music right from the beginning. Jimi offers workshops in:

Improvisation: developing skills for improvising in an interactive, imaginative, and fun manner. For those just starting to learn to improvise (and those w/ improvisation phobia) as well as those who have been doing so for some time.

Songwriting/Composition: learning how to create music in your own individual style. Emphasis on such things as generating ideas, getting over stuckness (like when you just can’t seem to come up w/ a chorus), and finding your own voice.

Basic Guitar: for those who need assistance with such things as basic chords and scales, understanding the fingerboard, and basic technique, as well as how to play w/ others.

Jimi also offers private instruction. For details on this or any of the above, you can contact him at:

516-972-3244  or