Music & Videos

You can hear (and purchase) my Ambient Guitar 1 album by clicking on it.

You can see plenty of me at my YouTube channel.
As well as hear stuff on my Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
Other stuff is presented on my FaceBook page.

Here’s some other samples of my music:

a Farewell (for Steve Russo)

Sakura Variations

Far Away from Home


Pajamas w/ Matt Cochran on saxaphone

Fading Away

No One There newest song to (hopefully) be added to the Coincidence Machine songlist

While Bathing a new age chord thang I improvised on

And some videos:
I Wanna Be Sedated

Rainy Day Women #12 and 35

the Spatula

Your Eyes

Far Away From Home


Bodhi Tree


Loop Experiment #1

I’m also in a band called “Coincidence Machine“. Click on it to check it out.


How to Transcribe

3 thoughts on “Music & Videos

  1. Where can I obtain a program transcribe interesting solos from CDs, so that I can study them at my leisure?

    I play tenor sax, trombone and keyboard.

    Appreciate your guidance/ direction. Thanks

    • Hey Neil,
      My first suggestion would be to not rely on a program, but to develop your ear. I wrote a piece for DownBeat on how to start transcribing (I don’t think it’s on their site anymore. If I can I’ll post it here). I’ve noticed a lot of folk get put off by one of two things: 1. they start at a more difficult point than they’re ready for. Don’t make “Countdown” from Trane your first transcription (unless your ear is already that developed). 2. they get frustrated to easily. Our “inner critic” is telling us things like “this isn’t working”, “I’m not getting better at this”, It’s be easier to just get a copy of the transcription from somewhere else (like a program)” If you stick with it, your ear will improve and you’re improvisation will improve as well.
      Hope that helps.

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